Never has stakeholder collaboration been as critical and we would like to thank all our sponsors for supporting GHI Digital Reconnect Africa. Their backing has helped us bring the world’s aviation community together to combat the threats presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

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JBT Aerotech - Cargo Content Sponsor

JBT is a leading global supplier of customised solutions and services for high value applications in air transportation. JBT ground support equipment includes Commander, Ranger, Halverson and Atlas cargo loaders, transporters, Tempest de-icers, Lektro towbarless tractors, pushback tractors, mobile passenger steps, beltloaders, JetPower ground power units, JetAire conditioned air equipment, Jetway boarding bridges, iOPS asset monitoring systems, together with baggage/facilities operations monitoring and maintenance systems. JBT emphasises value for its customers with designs featuring ease of operation, ease of maintenance and a low total cost of ownership. JBT – for the perfect turn.

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Virtual Supporters


Our Vision: "A sustainable, interconnected and affordable Air Transport industry in Africa where African Airlines become key players and drivers to African economic development."​

Our Mission: "To promote, serve African Airlines and champion Africa’s aviation industry."

Our Strategic Objectives:
1. Safe, secure and reliable air transport: - Promote the industry best practices to support safe, secure and reliable air transport in Africa.
2. Enhance the visibility, reputation and influence of African Airlines in the global aviation industry.
3. Sustainable air transport: - Advocate for the reduction of costs of air transport services in Africa by reducing taxes, fees and charges. - Strive for the implementation of cost-effective Human Resource Development. - Lobby for market access to increase revenues and enhance connectivity for the aviation sector in Africa.
4. Cooperation: - Undertake the implementation of joint initiatives aimed at reducing operating costs for airlines, increase revenues and market share. - Facilitate and encourage partnership among African airlines.
5. Data intelligence - Become a hub for data, intelligence and expertise on the African Aviation Industry.

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AviaDev has established itself as a trusted platform offering insight and bringing together key voices from the African aviation sector. AviaDev has been delivering digital content to the industry for over 5 years through candid podcasts, video's and social media posts.

Covid-19 has changed the way many of us are currently marketing our businesses. AviaDev is able to offer your business many digital solutions. Depending on your needs, we listen and advise you on the best platform to achieve your objectives.

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AviAssist Foundation

AviAssist is the only independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting professionalism in African aviation safety. For over 25 years we have been acting as a catalyst for safety improvements in African aviation: impartial & independent.

We were founded to provide affordable access to world class safety promotion in Africa and that is what we still do today. Always learning, improving and developing. Our BIG vision is a series of three AviAssist Safety Promotion Centres throughout Africa, starting in Rwanda.

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