Do you - the aviation leader - have the courage to make change happen in Africa?

14:00 - 15:00

Bold projections of growth in Africa will not materialise without a bold new wave of aviation leaders who are prepared to challenge the status quo, pioneer new technology and rally employees behind their vision. So, do we have the appetite and skillset for the challenge ahead? And, how do we attract more dynamic leadership talent into our sector, so we are not left behind? The session will commence with a presentation on the attributes essential to a 21st century African business leader and will follow with a group discussion on the challenges ahead.

Zachary Steglin, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Global Load Control

Brenda Aremo-Anichini, Managing Director, Twiga Aero

Rev. Alexander Kwaku Yeboah, Air Cargo Inspector, Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

Hassan El Houry, Chief Executive Officer, National Aviation Services (NAS)