Exclusive industry summit: ‘What Airlines want in Africa’

09:05 - 10:30

Amid ongoing complaints of contract margin squeeze and cost is king procurement policies, GHI invites a cross section of Africa’s biggest airline operators to talk candidly about their business pressures in a notoriously hostile market. Is there an opportunity for handlers to help offset some of these overheads through more collaborative partnerships? How might a new generation of SLAs take shape? And, how do we – the ground handling community – make a compelling case to carriers on total cost of service rather than doing it for US$100 less than our nearest rival?

Gaoussou Konate, Consulting Director Technical and Operations, African Airlines Association (AFRAA)

Tom Ogendo, Head of Passenger Services and Ground Handling, Kenya Airways

Mpho Phillip Sekhamane, Head Global Operation Control Centre, South African Airways