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10:05 - 11:00

The GHI Big Debate: How do we reinvigorate African aviation after the coronavirus crisis?

Atilla Korkmazoglu, President, Ground Services & Cargo (EMEA), Celebi

Cisse Abdoulaye, Group COO - Ground Handling & Cargo Management, National Aviation Services (NAS)

Tom Kok, Director, AviAssist Foundation

Gordon Anyimu, Head of Ground Services, Kenya Airways

Emanuel Chaves, Vice-President, ACI Africa

Africa has endured a loss of 100m air passengers in 2020 with fears that historic market fragmentation and protectionist policies could blunt an effective restart for years to come. Now stakeholders stand at a critical junction: work together to ensure a safe, uniform and Covid-secure restart in 2021 or work alone and risk punitive border constraints, inefficiency and further job losses.
This session will explore the route map for cooperation and rekindling a market always rich in potential. The session will explore handler:airline partnerships, cashflow, equipment innovation, government aid and the opportunity to explore new revenue streams.

11:00 - 11:10

Product Demonstration

11:10 - 11:50

Pharma: Delivering the Covid vaccine in Africa

Emanuel Chaves, Vice-President, ACI Africa

Lukasz Skorupa, Group Head of Commercial, National Aviation Services (NAS)

Sanjeev Gadhia, CEO, Astral Aviation

With the pharmaceutical manufacturing sites for the Covid vaccines located in Europe, the Americas and Asia - how do we ensure African nations aren’t forgotten when it comes to roll out? This session will explore the logistics of moving vaccine doses across the African continent equitably and cost effectively. We’ll also discuss the infrastructure demands on African stations who will need to store and process temperature-controlled doses at speed while operating on reduced strength workforces. How does Africa deliver the Covid-vaccine?

11:50 - 12:15

African aviation trailblazers: Building world-class service excellence into an African station – the Celebi Dar es Salaam story

A case study presentation examining how Celebi has set about delivering quality and consistency of ground handling services in its fledgling African ground handling venture in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
The session will explore how Celebi adopted proven SOPs from other global operations and also explore the regional adaptions that are required to drive success in the African market. The case study will explore investments in GSE/IT, staff training and recruitment and the unplanned adaptions that have been necessary to achieve Covid-safe status since the pandemic struck.

12:15 - 12:25

Product Demonstration

12:15 - 14:00

Virtual One-to-One Meetings

14:00 - 14:40

GSE Focus Africa: Equipment strategies to counter the Covid-19 crisis

What adaptions can handlers make to their GSE strategies to mitigate the aftershocks of reduced volumes and longer turn-around times? This session will explore the potential role of telematics, digitisation and automation to boost equipment utilisation and reduce running costs at stations in Africa. We’ll take a look at cargo GSE to satisfy the rise of cargo in the cabin. And, we’ll ask suppliers for their tips on post Covid maintenance strategies and reintroducing GSE safely once volumes start to recover.

14:40 - 15:15

African aviation trailblazers: Airline model after Covid

This session will explore the measures put in place by airline association, AFRAA for the sustainability of the aviation industry in Africa and recovery from the devastating effects of Covid-19. Does the pandemic create a unique opportunity for innovation and automation of various aircraft services through value adding partnerships? Has appeal for financial relief and sustainability measures been pursued and implemented? Has harmonisation of safety and health protocols been streamlined within the continent to fast-track resumption of aviation within Africa?

15:15 - 16:00

Digitisation of the African apron: how technology can help us out

Henry Obare, Head of Information Systems Development, Kenya Airways

How can tech solutions boost our ability to make more from less in a protracted period of reduced volumes created by Covid? This session will ask airlines, handlers and IT suppliers to give us examples of technological innovations that are delivering a tangible improvement in KPIs/cost efficiency/profitability in light of the pandemic. We’ll also explore the practical challenges around implementing IT solutions in Africa and the financing options in a market which has endured reduced revenues in 2020.

16:00 - 16:45

Cargo: The African cargo opportunity

Sanjeev Gadhia, CEO, Astral Aviation

While pax demands has slumped, Africa’s air cargo demand is up almost 10% year-on-year. This session will investigate the opportunities for African aviation operators to capture cargo capacity. Will African airlines be looking to convert more aircraft to freighters as a legacy of this pandemic? And for how long can preighters provide a practical transport solution while belly capacity remains out of action. Our panel will assess the outlook for African cargo and the ground handling challenges looming.

16:45 - 18:15

Virtual One-to-One Meetings