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Stand:  E16
Abomis Innovations Inc. is thrilled to showcase our latest software solutions at the 6th African GHI Conference. As a software provider for airlines, ground handling, and airports, we offer efficient and cost-effective solutions that work with your existing hardware, including smartphones. Our latest innovations include a kiosk alternative for self-service that can be used anywhere, regardless of your budget. We have a comprehensive infrastructure of software solutions that covers everything from reservations to final reporting, all while streamlining your processes and reducing costs, allowing you to grow your business.
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Stand:  E14
Founded in 1889 in Milan, Italy, BOMBELLI has evolved from being a pioneer in the construction industry structural steelwork sector to become a point of reference internationally in the manufacturing of airport ground support equipment (GSE), cargo handling equipment and airport cool chain solutions. BOMBELLI also uses its consolidated experience and its innovative Temperature Controlled equipment solutions in supporting many partners globally to enhance their handling and storage capabilities of perishable goods and Pharma. BOMBELLI’s focus on innovation, careful selection of its own suppliers and control over its production processes, enables them to guarantee high quality products which are perfectly suited to meet and exceed their customers’ needs. Product range includes: Temperature Controlled: Cool Dollies (Temperature Controlled Dollies) Cool Storage Racks for palletised cargo (semi-fixed Cold Rooms) Semi-motorised and motorized (towed and self-propelled): Conveyor Belt Loaders Water Servicing Units Lavatory Servicing Units Passenger Stairs Non-Motorized: Pallet and Container Dollies Baggage Carts Storage Racks Slave Pallets Castor and Roller Decks Cargo Handling Systems
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Stand:  E04
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Stand:  E15
GLC is the world-leading process expert in the full chain of remote aviation services. Our operations began in 2004, as the pioneering provider of centralised load control services to the global aviation market. Our bespoke service offering has since expanded, and now includes Flight Planning & Dispatch, Database & Configuration Management, Special Load Request Management, Process Transformation, Station Management, as well as Ground Ops Advisory Services. Our commitment to excellence over the past 19 years has enabled us to build strong partnerships with the world’s leading airlines. Our long-standing relationships help deliver stability and consistency to our partners.
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Stand:  E13
The GSE equipment developed by Goldhofer includes towbarless and conventional aircraft tractors as well as cargo and baggage tractors. The products are made in Germany and have been developed in collaboration with users and for users under the consideration of essential factors such as logistics, efficiency, safety and ecology. Under the headline “e-mobility”, we are convinced that genuine sustainability can only be achieved if the products are technologically sophisticated and reliable in every application. With our pioneering »IonMaster« technology, we are in a position to offer economical vehicles with incredibly high availability in long term. The all-electric tractors use drive systems that have been tried and tested in the commercial vehicle industry. They are the low-maintenance vehicles of their kind, ensuring maximum operating comfort and minimum charging times. Goldhofer's »IonMaster« technology, with its active thermal management system, is the answer to the growing demand for future-oriented and zero emission drive solutions.
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Stand:  E22
Miloco has designed and manufactured industrial trailers for several generations. Over the years, the company has established itself in both the domestic and international market and extended its activity to airport trailers.
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Stand:  E06
From touchdown to takeoff, the professionals working at Oshkosh AeroTech (formerly JBT) are focused on improving the future for the aviation industry. With decades of experience and a worldwide presence, we proudly provide: leading technology solutions, a diverse portfolio of products, and 24-hour global support service for our equipment. Every day the expertise of our people helps streamline ground operations for leading airlines, airports, ground handlers, cargo companies and the military.
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Stand:  E05
Sovam is a company based in France and privately owned by an Irish Group, Abbey International Finance. Since 1968, Sovam designs and manufactures a range of airport Ground Support Equipment to meet the needs of its customers (Airlines, FOB, MRO, Defense & Military organizations) which include: Pushback Tractors for baggage and aircraft handling Self-propelled and towable Passenger Stairs Lavatory and Potable Water Service Vehicles High lift vehicles (Catering and PRM) Maintenance Platforms Loading vehicles dedicated for military operations and applications Stable, reliable, easy to use and to maintain, over 10,000 Sovam units have been delivered to International Airports, Domestic Airports, and military Airbase across the world.
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Stand:  E12
QUALITY 2ND HAND GSE AT THE BEST PRICE! Worldwide supply of used and refurbished Ground Support Equipment. TCR supplies a large choice of well-maintained motorised and non-motorised GSE across the globe, with the best price guaranteed. The company assists customers in building reliable and tailor-made GSE fleets in a cost-effective way, supporting them with full and best-in-class customer services: +3000 GSE in stock Well-known GSE brands Repair & Maintenance Refurbished GSE Technical advice Consultancy On-site technical support & training Spare parts Download our availability list here Sale of used & refurbished GSE TCR Remarketing always serves as the one-stop shop for complete GSE fleets, as TCR has at all times hundreds of GSE, in various types and brands, available for sale. Both motorised and non-motorised GSE are owned and maintained by TCR, according to the OEM standards. After the initial rental period the GSE is remarketed and available for sale. The equipment is prepared by our staff of skilled mechanics and technicians in one of the TCR workshops according to your requirements. Different levels of refurbishment are possible from up-to-date maintenance to PREMIUM. After careful inspection, all equipment will be delivered in OPERATIONAL CONDITION and ready to use. TCR Group TCR is a leading global provider of GSE rental solutions for ground handlers, airlines and airports. Rental solutions include full-service rental with R&M and fleet services. Fleet consultancy, telematics, pooling, electrification, and full fleet sale & rent back are also part of TCR’s expertise. After the rental period, a large range of well-maintained and refurbished second-hand GSE equipment is available for sale. TCR Group is active in over 200 airports; with 80+ workshops; employing 1000+ technicians through 20 countries worldwide managing a total fleet of over 40.000 units of GSE.
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Stand:  E01
TLD provides its customers with a complete range of ground support equipment through the most extensive worldwide sales and service network in the industry. TLD products are in operation at most airports in the world. Well designed and adapted to the requirements of our customers, the equipment is consistently maintained to the highest standards by our large engineering teams. Performance and dynamic efficiency, as well as simplicity, high reliability and low maintenance costs drive our development.
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